Fashion Functions: Barrera International Fashion Show

Models showcasing the Barrera International 2014 autumn/winter collection
Photo By Caitlin Savage

Thursday evening, the au courant white walls of the Space Art Gallery were decorated with more than paintings.  The Barrera International Fashion Show presented chromatic, decadent fashions under Larimar Square-esque lights. The event was a tasteful toast to Denver fashion.

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 9.46.27 PM
Designer Juan Barrera
Photo by Caitlin Savage

Juan Barrera, who’s based out of Denver, showcased his autumn/winter 2014 collection in celebration of the brand’s second anniversary. Barrera draws inspiration from international cultures to make each handmade garment. This influence is incorporated onto a canvas of “updated simplicity.”

His emphasis on the aesthetic component of style was apparent when asked to describe the person the brand dresses replying, “It’s simply about the fabric selection: creating a look that is traditionally modern.”

The Asian-inspired autumn/winter 2014 collection is comprised of satin, silk, chiffons, wool and cashmere. Both menswear and womenswear encompass themes of unexpected fabric combinations, and classic fits with ulterior cuts and shape designs. One of my personal favorites was a dress with both wool and silk components.

Juan utilized Asian influence to add jewel-toned embellishments to create a couture line reminiscent of geisha beauty. Growing his couture ensemble was part of his choice in adding Asian-influence to this collection, as the culture’s fashions have historically been coined aristocratically elegant.

The geisha looks were enhanced courtesy of make-up artist Erroll Perkins and his team’s white makeup on the top half of the models’ faces; while hairstylist Ted Medina did variations with chopsticks.

The looks from the night are available and customizable.  Get your international couture or street attire here in the Mile High!

“This is just the beginning,” Barrera said after the final walkthrough, “Get excited for what’s in store, and for what we’ll be seeing soon in Denver fashion!”

Looks from the Barrera International Fashion Show
Barrera’s collection debut hits the runway!
Photo by Caitlin Savage


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