You might roll your eyes every time your friends upload photos of their pets, but you know you love taking photos of yours.

And we do too.

That’s why we’re launching our ‘Posh Pets’ contest.

Photos of sleeping kitties, dogs being silly, birds being weird, photos of secret talents – we want to see it all. If we can’t get enough of it and decide to publish it in 303 Magazine, you won’t only get to brag about your pet, you’ll win prizes, gift cards, treats, etc.

So how do you submit your lovable, talented pet?

  • Fill out the example questionnaire below
  • Send us one or two photos
  • Provide your contact info in case you win

Here are the rules: 

  • It has to be your pet, although the owner will be anonymous 
  • You can only submit your pet once
  • It can be any kind of animal
  • The photo has to be high-quality, or at least clear and pet visible


Here’s an example of the questionnaire and photo entry:


  • Pet’s name: Cali
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Hidden talent: I can crawl under the couch and hide from my mom and dad
  • Favorite place to nap: I love sleeping in my food bowl
  • Weird treats that I like to eat: Carrots
  • Favorite toy: I really like to chase the cat, but I also love my ball


Copy and paste the questionnaire above and send it to:

[email protected]

**This is an on-going contest. The first winner will be announced August 14