Be Prepared. – Robert Baden-Powell

Borrowing or renting gear really jiggles the giblets of everyone involved.  Think about that friend who always calls you up to see if they can borrow your Broncos jersey.  After the second time, you might find yourself pondering why they don’t just buy their own jersey?  What if you were going to the game?  Yet upon further review, you realize that it is fiscally irresponsible to attend the game and resume eating your ramen noodles.

Alternative Scenarios: Destiny can be a real sicko sometimes.  You finally get to go to the game but after tearing down your closet for said item, you remember “that friend” has…

– returned unwashed with a large nacho stain.

– returned with the shoulders stretched out.  Didn’t know The Hulk was my Facebook pal…

– not returned it at all.

Popular opinion suggests renting is practical.  Challenge yourself and flash back to dinner at your Uncle’s house a few years ago.  Remember your dad talking to him about something called “equity” and “buyers market.”  Apparently, now is the time to buy as long as you choose to forget that this conversation mostly focused on real estate not Under Armour Hoodies.  Buying gear also insures you won’t get some odd foot fungus from the snowboard boots you rented from that spot in Idaho Springs with great deals.

Images Courtesy of Sports Authority

Images Courtesy of Sports Authority


Historically, Black Friday’s reputation consists of products like coffee makers, big screen tvs, washing machines, and waffle cotton henleys, items which serve most of us little purpose.  Exercising the same savvy that allowed them to bestow their name upon Mile High, Sports Authority offers the coordinated and uncoordinated alike an opportunity to partake in more relevant and compelling shopping.

In addition to offering products in line with the Colorado lifestyle, Sports Authority opens their doors at 12 a.m. for the first time.  This allows one to power nap after dinner then indulge or for the more ambitious, go shopping directly from the unofficial high school reunion at the bar.  Looking to avoid running into your high school crush or reliving the first time you drank vodka?  Hop in line a bit early and roll the dice because the first 80 people in the store will receive $10 to $500 in Bonus Bucks.



Almost as good as a breakfast sandwich…DOORBUSTERS (available midnight-3 p.m., unless otherwise noted):

  • 50% off all balls
  • Buy one, get one 50% off footwear and socks (available all day on Black Friday)
  • Sale $99 for Razor E100, E125 or E150 electric scooters (a savings of $50)
  • 35% off NCAA, MLB, NBA, NHL and MLS fan apparel and accessories (men’s, women’s and children’s)
  • 25% off Under Armour hoodies (men’s and women’s)
  • Sale $159.99 for Chelsea foosball table (a savings of $240)
  • Sale $799.99 for Pro-Form 18.0 RE elliptical (a savings of $1,200)
  • Sale $199.99 for Tommy Armour Silver Scot Complete Golf Set (a savings of $400)
  • Sale $209.99 for Parkside 12’ trampoline with enclosure (a savings of $170)

So go grab some gear of your own because nothing really feels like it’s yours after someone else sweats in it.


Connor Grant is the sports and outdoor columnist at 303 Magazine.  He enjoys Mad Men, polarized Ray Bans, big mountain skiing, a good Old Fashioned, anything outside, and reading. When he isn’t rubber necking gear at REI, you can find him frequenting shows at Red Rocks, uncovering new electronic music, or discovering new tapas bars around town.  Let go or be dragged. Try and keep up by following him on Twitter.

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