Mobile Bodyguard

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You know the feeling. You’re walking home alone from a long day at work, studying at the library or a hanging out at friends house. You hear twig break, a bush rustle, and you know that something isn’t right. No one is around. You want to call for help but are frozen in fear. Most of the time, it’s a false alarm; but what about when it’s not? Can you afford to be unprotected?

Just in time for September’s National Campus Safety Awareness Month, a local Denver company has the solution. A personal guardian angel, a mobile blue light, a force of good when faced with evil: MyForce is taking the world by storm.

MyForce is a simple, affordable and handy application that can give you the confidence to navigate through foreign or uneasy situations. The monthly or annual service puts a 24-7 assistant within a fingers reach of you, anytime anywhere. MyForce has partnered with campus safety officials and local law enforcement agencies throughout the country.

“MyForce takes campus safety systems, like the blue light emergency phones, to another level,” says Brad Zotti, CEO and co-founder of MyForce. “MyForce users have a personal security escort available on the one thing that’s never out of reach: their smartphone.”

If something doesn’t feel right, just open your MyForce App and the time-out feature on your phone will be disabled. The screen will be active, with only one touch needed to alert a live security monitoring team. This one touch will put the security agent on alert; they’ll have your exact location as well as your previously uploaded physical description, photo and medical issues on hand ready to go. Not only that, this tactile app will initiate a voice recording service so the team member can document exactly what’s taking place.

If you’re afraid, MyForce will know to be on alert. If there’s no response from you, they’ll forward all of your pertinent information to emergency responders immediately. Live information can then be relayed to the nearest safety official to help them track you down and help you as soon as possible. False alarm? Just enter your secret word and pin code to deactivate the service. This protection will be available whenever you need it.

MyForce has successfully passed AT&T’s Enterprise Software Certification Program confirming that the solution’s performance, user interface, data integrity, application security and data transmission all meet or exceed AT&T usability guidelines.

The possibilities for this app are numerous: injuries, immobility, security, travel and business alike. This mobile watchdog can be in your pocket for just $11.99 per month, a small price to pay for peace of mind. Discounts are available too, one year will run you $119.99 and each additional subscriber is just $69.99 a year. Convinced or not, you can try a risk free thirty day trial at The helpful app is available for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry.


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