We’ve all experienced it- the excruciating headache combined with a dry mouth, extreme sensitivity to light and the utter feeling of never wanting to be vertical again. It seems that no matter what most people do there is no way to escape the inevitable next day hangover. However, recent product development may have lead to a possible cure for the common hangover. iX MiXer is a new “functional beverage” that hit the market within the last year or so. Developed locally by a few University of Colorado graduates this drink is coined the “anti hangover mixer.” Contrary to popular belief iX MiXer is not an energy drink. It is simply a carbonated beverage combining different vitamins and electrolytes usually depleted upon the consumption of alcohol and is designed to prevent the next day hangover. It currently comes in citrus and berrie. Each can only contains 80 calories and is an excellent mixer for any type of hard alcohol. It has a great flavor and isn’t hard on the stomach like most sugared mixers are. The versatility of this product allows for an excellent tasting drink whether combining with whiskey, rum vodka or even tequila. If hard alcohol isn’t your foray, iX MiXer by itself tastes amazing and still helps to prevent the next day hangover. Bars throughout the Denver area including Govnr’s Park, Blake Street Tavern The Squire Lounge and Matchbox are now serving iX MiXer on their drink menu. The beverage is also available in four packs at many convenience stores. Check out the iX MiXer website at www.ixmixer.com for more product information.

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