Dead Files’ Amy Allen in action

When Amy Allan says “I see dead people,” she’s not referencing Hollywood, though she’s about to flirt with its border territory.

Appearing in “The Dead Files,” Travel Channel’s new show about what happens when people get wigged out by some freaky shit, as in haunted, and their situation is diagnosed by an empirically bound ex-NY police detective named Steve, and Amy, a physical medium who interprets the situation with her psychic gifts. When I first found that I would interview a psychic, I wondered if I could ask her what I was thinking at a given moment and she could tell me. On the phone, I ask her what type of berry (raspberry) I’m eating at one point. She laughs, “I’m not a telepath.” I find out that these gifts, whatever they are, manifest for a very specific purpose. She is able to go into a place where something bad has happened, and experience, sometimes even feeling the sensations of reliving (e.g. taking a hammer to the head, or choking on poison) the manner in which these people met their end. Amy doesn’t call them ghosts, she calls them spirits, or dead people, “because that’s what they are.”

But not always.

At times, something terrible, like a murder where a guy bludgeons someone to death with a hammer, leaves a spiritual stain, and though the dead person isn’t there and the murderer is still alive, there is still major disturbance in that spot. Ever see “The Grudge,” with the creepy dead girl with a voice you might hear in your blackest nightmares? Apparently that’s for real. Though one of these entities who can physically harm the living, that’s rare, but she says she has witnessed it, and it’s the scariest thing she’s ever seen.

I try to keep a healthy skepticism while also being open to everything, and before speaking to Amy, I wondered if she might have just a little more fruit in her cake than normal, but it’s the details: she’s married, and her husband is a total skeptic–though he admits to not understanding how she gets her information; also her sincere honesty, how she sounds perfectly normal while speaking frankly about demons and angels (though she calls them guides and is careful with how she says things to avoid influencing people’s perception), that make her seem authentic. Nothing she says sounds kooky, and while not diagnosing, and in cases calming down spiritual disturbances, she works as a massage therapist at The Oxford Hotel and Spa, where she says she can see into bodies, “It was kind of disgusting at first. I could see ligaments and tendons […]” but she says working with the living helps to balance her, perhaps even help her sleep, which she says she doesn’t really do, too much activity, and that ever-present uncertainty that these “dead people” may be able to cross over the physical barrier.

Amy’s friends tell her she doesn’t know what normal is, and I agree, as after speaking with her I feel uneasy with how real these ideas are that I usually keep at a safe distance by being distracted with life. Death is a door that opens for us without exception, and the complexities of what we’re all a part of seem so much more vivid when we believe, know, or even see, that it isn’t all for naught, that life isn’t meaningless horror.

After talking with Amy, I feel waaay more empathy for Haley Joel Osment in “The Sixth Sense,” also…I have a strong urge to call the Oxford Hotel and Spa and make an appointment.

“The Dead Files” airs this Friday (9/23) at 7:00pm MST on The Travel Channel.

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  1. Aubrey Brobst

    Elliot, this is so interesting. I will go with you to the spa; I want this experience. “…she might have just a little more fruit in her cake than normal…” that is hilarious…the workings of your brain never cease to amaze me. ha!

  2. Jle

    Amy, I really need to talk with you if that’s possible. You see…I am like you and I see dead people among other things. I would like to talk more with you. Please email me at [email protected] I really need to communicate with you. I dunno what to do. I’ll explaine more about what I am talking about. Please Amy, please email.
    Thank you,


  3. samantha

    I think I have something similar but It’s hard to explain. I would like to talk to Amy. Samantha villarreal on face book. Thanks.

  4. Alex

    Well I pretty much think its nonsense. I do like Amys goth look, seems to go along with what you might think someone like this would look like.
    I’ve had contack with way too many Seers, speakers to the dead, seers of the dead, those who have “sensative” feelings or think they have a “gift” that no one else has. I have NEVER found any of them to be credable. Makes a good show though, and enjoyable for those who make the wild jump from reality to the other end of the paranormal. I also like Ghost adventures, Ghost Hunters and any other group that adds a lot of drama to nonsense.

    • Jen

      At least learn how to spell you ignorant fool before you bother to “enlighten” all of us with your ridiculous statements. Some day all of you morons who think you know everything and are so close minded and ignorant as to believe that there is no more to life, death and existence other than what can be touched or seen are in for a serious shock. You think these shows are entertaining. Why would people put so much time and energy onto something that was pure “nonsense”. Just to give you a chuckle or a fright? Yeah right. Well I’m so glad you are watching. Pay attention. When your physical life ends, you are in for a quite a surprise. Hold on tight.

      • Jen

        P.S. You definitely should use spell check. It amuses me so much when people try to make “intelligent” statement that are FULL of spelling and gramatical errors. It surely hurts your “credIbility” to a big degree.

  5. Jess

    I just love Amy Allen’s show and actually this made me google out her name which got me to this website…the way she portrays a scene and how carefully she chooses her words so as to not freak out the viewers…absolutely love her!

  6. Tom

    Well I disagree with Alex,there are some phonies, I’m a 63 year old and have had my own connections to love ones that have passed. Don’t be so quick to disbelieve because it hasn’t touched you yet.

  7. Heidi

    I saw the Erie, NY show. It’s a refreshing change from the typical ghost hunter genre. It got me asking so many questions about the whole vortex/portal idea that Ms. Allen brought up. I wish she would start a chat room or blog where people could go and find out more about what goes on after death. Isn’t that what we all want to know?

  8. 4hawks

    I to would like to know more about what goes on after death.I’m tired of people putting down amy she never said she was an actor. But that sould show you that she is not faking. And all the shows on tv. Are entertaining. But I would like to know if she can talk with the dead . I see ghosts but never have been able to talk to the dead.I love amy and the show and steve is great to .

  9. Dave

    I think Dead Files is great and I love Amy Allan. I live in a 100+ year old house and there have been several deaths in my home. Thankfully, all due to natural causes. There have also been instances that I would call paranormal. Especially when remodeling was being done. Nothing recent however. I have an open mind about the whole thing. I just don’t get in the habit of telling many people. Great show and keep up the good work. I’ll keep on watching for sure.

  10. Paralegal

    I think MJ CLEMM is jealous, because all her life she has wanted to be psychic, but has no abilities at all. I think if she ever did see a dead person she would crap herself and run for dear life all the while screaming bloody murder. By the way MJ reading the Tarot is not psychic abilities, a 3 year old can do that, and use a pendulum as well as scry. So until you have experienced anything paranormal, like so many of us have, SHUT THE HELL UP, NOBODY CARES WHAT YOU THINK. GODDESS FORBID YOUR MARRIED WITH CHILDREN, THEY HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOU. YOU REMIND ME OF A POOR NEGATIVE PERSON THAT HAS TO PUT DOWN OTHER PEOPLE TO MAKE YOURSELF FEEL BETTER. TRY EATING, IT LOOKS LIKE THAT HAS WORKED FOR YOU IN THE PAST, PROBABLY STILL DOES.

  11. Kelly

    To all: Has anyone been replied to by Amy. She seems to live a private life. Just curios… Thanks much.

  12. Sandy

    Hello Mrs.Amy my name is sandy. I would like to speak to u aswell please. It’s important, my email is [email protected], I greatly need your advice on something please!

  13. JD

    This is all very hard to believe. I watch those shows but I still think its all fiction. That they make it up and there’s a script.

    • John Hansen

      All you have to do is pay attention to ALL the details!
      This past Friday’s epiode from Santaquin, Ut. Proves even more it’s not a scripted scam! But then, I’m a sensitive and pick up on things that most people can’t/won’t notice.

  14. Nelson Holmes

    The woman is a charlatan. Her silly faces and melodramatic posturing are all the act of a little girl, rewarded for asinine lies. She is either a manipulative fraud, a grifter, or a victim of mental illness who truly believes her own idiocy.

    • Jen

      You are an idiot. Actually you are just completely ignorant. Why would you even bother to say these things? If you really watched this show, or knew anything about physical mediums and what their abilities are you would not be making such nasty, and above all completely ignorant remarks. How much of a genious does it take to see that the people she deals with are real people with real issues with the paranormal. This girl (Amy) knows things and gives information she couldn’t possibly know unless she was the real deal. Why would anyone go through what she goes through and put this much time and effort into something if it wasn’t real? Get a life and stop being a hater. I’m sure you are good at something.

  15. Isis Stone

    John Hansen, just because you claim to be a sensitive doesn’t mean that you always know if someone is lying or if something or someone is fake or real. Learn what it means to be a sensitive before you make another stupid comment. At the end of the day these are the facts; when amy allen first stepped out on the paranormal scene she claimed only to be an investigator. Later she claimed to be able to see and talk to them. If she can or can’t, it doesn’t matter. Its television. Everything on tv, even some live events are scripted in some way. Just enjoy the show

  16. Joanne Smith

    I've seen amy allan before on other shows. she started out as a vampirist, then decided she was a psychic and now at long last she's a "physical" medium. (whatever the heck that is). she over acts every scene she's in. and, acts weird to boot. I don't believe she's special at all. if fact, I think she's a phony.

    • Bethany Lyn Stokley

      I think the same thing! The very first time I saw the show, I noticed that she went from relatively normal to acting like the Rainman when she 'sensed' something. It's bizarre and very ridiculous.

    • Angie Carter

      i guess u all believe everything on Ghost Adventures, Zack, and his crew. U r bashing Amy cause she's a woman. Stick to wht u know…nothing

    • Bethany Lyn Stokley

      Who here said anything about Ghost Adventures??? It's all entertainment anyway. But since YOU brought it up, no, I don't believe much of what's on Ghost Adventures, and they too seem to overact a bit. I'm not sure why I am taking your comment seriously since you can't even type worth a darn, but yes, I MUST be the one who knows nothing.

    • Linny Gutierrez

      Ghost Adventures? The Three Stooges of "spooky". They are hilarious. Amy?…at least there substance to the stories, and real or not I like the show. We watch Zack and the boys too. Other channels it seems there nothing but hillbillies doing weird things to animals…or umpity auction and junk shows.

      • geegee

        oh Zak and his crew come across as a trio of dumbasses.I am sure that zak was a turd in a previous incarnation.

  17. Nelson Holmes

    She's a charlatan! Like an annoying three year old who's too often rewarded for her "precious" behavior; face making and mugging for the camera. she's a talentless half-wit scamming completely wittless rubes. In a sane world she'd be arrested for the grifter she is.

    • Linny Gutierrez

      Lighten up!Are you here just to try and burst bubbles or what?

      • Lori Welsh

        Are you serious? You really do not know the words “rube” and “grifter”? Second grade vocabulary.Oh, yes , American vocabulary. Here is another one : “dictionary” How do people embarrass themselves when it takes two seconds to look up a word.I guess you have to want to learn something.

  18. Dan Leliefeld

    I think Dead Files is a great show, and I think Amy does a great job doing what she does! Jeeze, after reading most of the retarded coments above, I have to wonder what you overly opinionated jerks do all day? Sit around looking for shit that bothers you or people to hate because you dont understand them? If you were on a hit TV show, Im sure in your minds, anybody who watched would think you were perfect, because you are right? One comment from above that really cracks me up,(In a sane world she’d be arrested for the grifter she is)Wow, get a grip dude. Better yet, get a life! If you dont like the show, dont watch it!! With your extremely high IQ Im sure there are other shows better suited for you. Actually, you’re probably missing Sponge Bob right now!!!!

  19. Nelson Holmes

    "Dude" just sick of stupidity and people marketing b.s. as truth. Guess there will never be a lack of suckers lined up at the soothsayer tent. As for getting a life; I do know the examined on beats lying in one's filth and giggling at the shadows the wall.

  20. Joe Robinson

    There are things going on in the universe that are unexplainable, However that does not make them any less real. We've sent men to the moon but still can not replicate massive stone stuctures of antiquity. Seems like 'I don't know" is a hard pill to swallow for modern mans ego.

  21. John Hansen

    Isis, you’re kind of on track. I don’t just claim to be a sensitive, I Know I am. Like Amy I found out I had this “gift” of sensitivitywhen I was too young to understand it. As far as knowing when and/or if a person is lieing or not, nobody is that good, even a polygraph isn’t 100 percent accurate. You have the right to your beliefs and opinions, but so am I. If anybody thinks Amy is a fraud, or mentally ill don’t watch her show, plain and simple. If you doubt certain people who claim to be a psychic, medium, sensitive, or any such type coolness, some of us are disgusting fakes and some are definitely mentally off balance. But a lot of us are the real deal. You don’t need to be so hard and closed minded so sit yourself back and enjoy the show, or change the channel! Same with everybody else, including me.

  22. John H.

    Why are you guys griping and bitching about her? If you think she’s a fake or a mental case, and upsets you so much, why the hell don’t you just change the channel? Or could it be you just enjoy this type of shootin the breeze?

  23. ann

    Amy, I enjoy watching you. I believe the expression on her face come from the sensitiveness when she has an experience with the spirits. You not her. We are all react in the different ways for the different things. Don’t like the show then change and stop judging the sensitivity from others.

  24. Nikki

    If u have time please email me @ [email protected]
    There is something I KNOW AND A FEW OTHERS.
    I know this is strange request..
    I’ve never even dared to contact anyone regarding this issue.
    I think you might be the right person.
    Atlases, I know I tried…
    Thank you for your show I enjoy it.

  25. I knew you Amy

    Amy I lived in same house with you for a year in happauge N.Y.
    Im not going to go into any more details about that.I have one
    question for you and its kind of important to me. My name is Alex
    Im pretty sure you would remember me. Contact me at [email protected]

  26. Tawny Khat

    What scares me most is when Amy talks about spirits not knowing they are dead, or spirits being "stuck" here, especially if they are being held here against their will by a demonic entity. God, I pray I go directly into the light when my time comes!

    • Kimberly Theriault

      omggg… i feel the same way.. after watching this show, and hearing her say that, i was so freaked out that i was going to get "held captive" after i die.. jeez!! i'm glad i'm not the only one!!

    • Cynthia Mickas

      Tawny, I agree with you, I think if we know of a spirit that is stuck we can help them move on, But I also believe they can move into the light and return when they wish, Being held by demons ..They need help to move on. If I even need to move one on I will re-search it. So far our's have been friendly and mean us no harm..Thank God.

  27. John Hansen

    I’d love to meet her, too! I’d like to meet both of them from the show! I have a lot of respect for both of them!!!

  28. Tracy

    STONEHENGE…….I want Amy and Steve to go to Stonehenge and finally solve the mystery.

  29. Penny Vaught

    I think what u do is good, I can to see shapes and just know if it's a man or female and some what of what they have died from but I don't think I could handle seeing the things u do and I truly think people can be asshole

  30. Holly Hughes Jones

    I have loved watching this show until I finished watching the episode about Linda hazzard the crazy lady starved ppl, well I googled her after the show and the info I found says that the house burnt to the ground a few yrs before Linda died so how r they in the actual house.

    • Ryan Eller

      Houses can be built over burnt down ones. Living in a modular home all my life built over the one that used to be there, I know that things can exist despite changes. And the apartment I live in now caught fire, but it was remodeled. There's also the story of a irk who died in Hawk Mountain Sanctuary. Her ghost was seen walking around. When that place was remodeled, people saw her ghost hovering where the ground level used to be.

    • George

      The house that burned down was a different house. She had been convicted of starving that woman and spent 2 years in prison, then was pardoned, and then went to New Zealand and started starving people there for a few years. Then she came back to the same town in the US and started doing it again. It was THAT house that burned down, never to be rebuilt. So, it’s a different “actual” house.

  31. John Hansen

    LOL Tracy, you are inspired!!! That would be intense,if we could get them there!I’d be extremely interested to see what they find!hell, I’d even stow away so I could be there in person! Lol lol

  32. Deedee Reid

    I'm waiting for Amy to write a book to give the rest of us in site to what is really going on Spirituality. It would help me a lot.

  33. Leeann Cindrick

    I have lived in a haunted house not only me bu a few of my friends and relatives have witness what I was seeing and hearin….which made me feel better that I wasn't loosing my mind….it was crazy but since I left that house I haven't seen or heard anything….which kinda makes me sad….I know that sounds crazy….but I have heard stories from other ppl that lived in that house the crazy things going on….one person even boarded up the back part of the house….so glad I moved…I would be scared..

    • Torilynn Carnes

      I fully understand. When I was a kid we had to move just 6 mo after buyin the place. I know nobody belives this but it got to the point where we were being physically attacked like getting choked n thrown down stairs. I woulda never belived it myself had it not happend to my family. Read my story at haunted house on huffman ave by v carnes..keep n mind I'm not a writer,lol

  34. Bordeaux11611

    She is a total fraud! We watched her on ‘The Haunted’ (she had red hair and was fat)and she had some poor woman believing that the strange occurrences in her house was just herself “projecting”! Amy had this poor woman in tears thinking that the demonic activity in her house was just her unconscious doing and that she had to keep trying to stop herself from attacking herself and her family! Just so Amy can continue to play psychic and act like she knows everything, when she DOESN’T know anything, she is just a very bad and annoying actress. She also claimed that the demonic activity was just a poltergeist, so which was it Amy? That poor woman that you blamed was causing it herself, or a poltergeist? Make up another story attention seeker!

    • Jen

      You are an idiot and have no idea what your spouting off about so why not just keep your ignorant mouth shut. First of all Amy was not a red head nor was she fat. Not that any of that is relevant. Attacking her physical appearance is simply a sign of ignorance and jealousy. Number two, a poltergeist is not created by the dead, it is created by the living (subconciously). It is a manifestation of the person’s bottled up pain and hostility and can only be projected by a person with psychic abilites. Many times the individual doesn’t realize they have these abilites and never do they do this intentionally. All of you ignorant people attempting to spout off all these attempts at intelligent remarks seriously need to just stop. You all are just making complete asses of yourselves. And if Amy is an attention seeker than I guess she is doing a good job. I’m sure her bank account outweighs yours. Get off this thread and find someone else to hate on. Jealous much?

      • David

        Can you explain to me, if the show is so real and Amy’s abilities are bonafide, why they faked the photograph at the end of the Lizzie Borden episode?

        For your reference, the episode is here and the reveal starts at 37:10:

        The detective pulls out Amy’s composite sketch of the female appartion she saw in the house. He looks at it and says “This is amazing. Now, during my investigation, I was able to acquire a very rare picture of Lizzie Borden as an old woman. I want you guys to take a look at this and tell me what you think.” He then places a photograph on the table that is an exact match of the composite sketch. One of the clients is also amazed and notes the “same features, frizz in the hair”.

        A few problems with this. Here is a link to the article I am referencing for this information, it is part of a blog written by Stefani Koorey, Ph.D, a historical expert on Victorian New England and a long-time examiner of the Lizzie Borden murder case itself:

        The first problem: the photograph was not rare at the time of the taping of this episode. It was published in a book in 2011, Parallel Lives: A Social History of Lizzie A. Borden and Her Fall River. This book has been widely available on Amazon since October 2011.

        The second problem: the version of the photograph that the detective produces and lays on the table for comparison to the composite is HEAVILY photoshopped.

        The following changes were made to the original photograph:

        1. Lizzie has been cut-and-pasted into a different photograph completely. The entire background except for Lizzie herself is literlaly a different photograph.

        2. The lighting and coloring has been changed, presumably to make the photograph appear more sinister.

        3. Lizzie’s glasses have been photoshopped off her face.

        4. Lizzie’s body has been widened, giving her the appearance of being a good 50 pounds heavier than the original photograph.

        5. The positioning of her right arm and hand has been changed in order to give her pose a more natural appearance, accounting for the widening that was done to her body.

        6. Her face and head have also been significantly widened, to match the chubbiness of the composite sketch.

        7. Her hair color has been changed from grey to black or dark brown, to match Amy’s description of the apparition.

        8. Most importantly, her hat has been removed, revealing the “frizzy hair” that Amy has referenced repeatedly throughout the episode, that would otherwise not be visible had they shown the original unmolested photograph.

        Believers in this show: please explain to me your theories on why, if the show is authentic, a heavily photoshopped photograph was used for the comparison? If you think these changes were made without involvement or knowledge from Amy, why would Amy not detect that this was a false photograph with her abilities? If you think Amy did have knowledge of these changes and consented to have the photoshopped picture used, say for convenience of matching better to the composite sketch, why would she consent to having this done if she wishes to be taken seriously as a true psychic or medium?

        Personally, I can’t conceive of any rational explanation to any of those questions beyond that the show, at least this episode, is faked.

  35. Teresa

    There are many dimensions. I am the “Rocky Mountain Medium @ My first book “Rocky mountain Medium, Conversations with the Dead” is available from Amazon for $2.99 as a Kindle download or a book for $7.99. I feel strongly that this book is so important that I wanted to keep it priced as low as possible. I explain many different abilities and how we can increase our own intuition. I have included many of my readings. I am a psychic medium, I do not know my life. Without my ability, I grew up that way. My website is Rocky Mountain Medium. Peace

    • Vanessa Von Littel

      My I ask if it true that a few unfortunate souls out there are doomed to a horrible existance because of how they died or where they died? Are there dark enities out there who keep them back or hurt them in some way?
      Sincerely Vanessa

      • Teresa couture

        No, no souls are ever left behind. Especially children. A rare few souls stay because they are afraid of punishment for their crimes. Most haughtiness are residual. People’s collective fear create a lot of what they experience.

  36. leisamarie

    i think amy is cool… the cameraman that follows her is her husband matt…as for how she came out–as harsh as folks are on each other about anything they feel is different…just imagine the reaction if u told em u see and talk to the dead, its no wonder she came out in baby steps…i see a lot of ppl express how they feel she is a bad actress, i dont think shes acting at all…shes not an actress, shes a medium…and how are we to know what that is supposed to look like? You Go Girl!

  37. Vanessa Von Littel

    What I find disturbing in what Amy says about happens to a few unfortunate souls. In that they are doom to what I think is horrible existance, All because of in what manner that person died or where they died? I would like to believe that good people get to go to a good place when they die.

  38. sloan d.

    Like the show, it is entertainment though, real world experience might tell me the difference without belief or disbelief; even with that am I being fooled? Don’t know, will leave it that. Good show though and her too, maybe they’ll keep contract with ratings, and that depends on Travel Channel or parties that would pick it up as a package deal with a sponsor. Great comments here both ways and in the middle, good insight from Elliot Riis.

  39. Jai Marland

    So of all the posts here who has ever been to a (bona fide) medium? Some how I don't think anyone….. Try it a few times you might find out you make faces too!

  40. Jackie B.

    I love this show but what I even love more is that the skeptics actually found this article! I’m NOT bashing the scepticalism at all, believe me I’m not, my husband is a skeptic so I’m used to it but how did you skeptics find this?! Lol It really boggles my mind? Do you watch the show or seek out amy allen blogs? Who cares anyway?! Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I personally believe that there is MORE out there….I hear and dream about weird things, even things my husband can’t explain so I on the other hand have a open mind about the paranormal. I personally wish I was more sensitive to things because I thinks it’s pretty neat!

    • sloan

      Believe it when I say that this page on net was found by accident. It was seen on a search engine with bit comments there, so I clicked the link, found this here.

      The shows were seen by me with my gimmick figured out to watch them online without ads or cookies to my compute system, and originally seen the first season on On-Demand on cable on TV. The rest of the shows were all viewed online at a well know website/page online.

      I know some of this is true for I myself have had real world experience with this whatever. Know it is true, don’t have a clue what it is, have seen ghosts, residual type, that had a type of intelligence. For all I know about this, with how this world is, would not put it pass the government doing mind games with us. Personal opinion says that’s not the case, whatever. It is there, whatever, it is. I’d say let it be. Don’t play with this stuff unless you’re prepared to get into this, in fact know of a ghost hunter who had trouble for a few when something “attached” itself to her. She had to have a blessing from a priest to get rid of “it”. She quit ghost hunting.

      As for truth to TV with mainstream, don’t know from truth since it’s put to mainstream like with packaged deals with cable and networks for ratings, and, some money making. There is a real world seriouness to it, and that’s what I leave it be. Don’t mess with it, but, is okay to see on TV or online.

  41. JezziOnKori

    I personally believe this stuff is real and I really enjoy this show; and I think Amy and Steve are AWESOME. I’ve had my own experiences in my parents home and each of the 3 apartments I’ve last lived in. My husband has also experienced things as well as my daughters in these apartments. The current place we are at we’ve had very minor experiences, but the others there were hints of malevolence.

  42. Julie Gonzales Petersen

    I watch all the ghost shows on tv and I read reviews about them all and a few that I really believed in untill the people them selfs told the truth about them I was very dissapointed in them shows, But I and now a true believer in Amy Allen, I don't know why but I just am! I have been wanting to meet with her and have her investigate things for me to let me know what is going on in my life and surroundings, I am scared most of the time and most of my life…I haven't had a peaceful night sleep since I was a very small child, It seems no matter where I move there is always something and just in the last couple of weeks I had something finally do something very anurving that kinda upset me and now my grandson (19)months old has been seeing something the first time was in my bedroom and then when I went to visit my daughter and him in their appartment it really angered me that he sees what ever it is that follows me, I just want to believe in someone and understand what the hell is bothering me! I have 2 daughters and through out their lives have been affected by things and seen things as well but I will not talorate it now that I have watched my baby grandson see it and have it walk pass him so closely! I'm really getting upset! I just don't know how to go about contacting Amy or if she is even willing to help me. So if anyone has any advice to give me you can email me @ [email protected].

    Thanks for reading this.

    Julie P.

  43. Julie Gonzales Petersen

    Hello all…I am watching all of them right now! I record them and get up early and watch them all so I can enjoy them all :0) Yes I would love to meet her to just to have somethings answered but I know I will never get the chance so in the mean while I will just keep enjoying her shows!

  44. Cynthia Mickas

    I would love to meet her, I watch all her show's and think she is an awesome person, At the same time I feel for her because when spirits know you can speak with them they never leave you alone. I wish her peace and peace of mind, She spends her life helping other's.. What a wonderful lady, I too watch a lot of the ghost programs except TAPS I think they are sort of a joke. But they let us know we are NOT alone and open our eyes to what we can not see and thought we lost..

  45. Michelle Raines

    I am fascinated with the Dead Files – the overacting, the entertaining storyline(s), the walk, Matt filming Amy while a “phantom camara” is filming both of them and the way the show manages to get pretty scary sometimes. I enjoy this show for the miriad of entertainment factors, and I think that while it is scripted (overreactions and terrible acting) the investigations are also based with some possible truth, (the entirely different reactions in the scenes communicating with the dead, or the witnesses.)I wonder if Amy has Turrets Syndrome with those facial Tics she seems unable to stop, but she really does act differently while on her walk, then she does with the sketch artist, or the reveal. Finally, I like to read what you others have to say about this show, however I don’t understand why some of the reviewers get so hostile to one another. Obviously we all had some interset in Amy and the Dead Files, to be here in the first place. I hope the show continues for a while, I don’t really like many TV shows – and this one is fun.

  46. Michelle Raines

    Oops, as for the above review I wrote a short time ago, there are 2 mis-spellings! Sorry, I didn’t have access to spell check because I am working a temp job, and don’t have my own computer or access to any programs like Word. In addition, I have to answer phones so I keep getting interrupted. Please don’t comment on Myriad and Interest. I really do know how to spell. Yikes!

  47. Jennifer Jackson

    I love the Dead Files….I would love to meet Amy Allen. I have questions on what is going on with me. I know there are some dead people look just like us, cause I've seen one, but didn't know the boy was a ghost. I need answers about things going on with me that started in 2000. My dreams, visions, feelings coming true. Please email me at: [email protected].

  48. Torilynn Carnes

    I would love to talk 2 amy and tell her about my expieriances as a child and how things were so bad n the house we lived in and get some answers from her. I, still see some of them from time to time but nothing like in that horrible house where it all started for me. I really need some answers!

  49. Trinity Dwiggens

    Any way to email her my 9 year old has had same gift need tips for her on how to handlle it she had seen and talked to them since she was 3 could use the help

  50. Carmen Fitzpatrick Colosi

    I like her but her faces really are freaky…one thing that gets me though, how come she never sees orbs but zak on gh.adventures does?

  51. Deb Chatfield-Rollins

    Amy Allan has been around for awhile doing her psychic thing but earlier as an paranormal investigator . She does have a lot of facial expressions that seem kind of dramatic or weird. But I do think she does have some special gift. If she can bring some help or comfort to people I think that is great.

  52. Sharon Lamont

    I have caught her on a show saying something that gave her away. She said she recalled something about a room in a house. So she's told everything before she goes in and she says pretty much the same thing over and over in different locations. As bad as those two want us to believe them, I just can't.


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