Fork It: The Über Sausage

While Denver isn’t new to gourmet hot dogs, the recently opened spot The Über Sausage is bringing a new perspective to the table. Brad Arguello, Henry Dematteis and Alex Gschwend hatched the restaurant in an effort to bring European street food to the streets of Denver, and the menu features six unique sandwiches of brats, sausages or hot dogs from Continental Sausage topped with fresh condiments, vegetables and fruit. The space might be tiny, but every aspect is stylish and carefully considered, down to the glossy, laminated burlap countertop, rustic light fixtures and chalk graffiti on the black-painted bathroom walls.

IMG_1909Their signature creation is The Swiss, which can be ordered in the standard “double link” portion or with a third added on. Either way, thin, European-style veal sausages are topped with sprouts, chopped onions, parsley, and plenty of spicy mustard, resulting in a feisty, meaty sandwich that satisfies every primal craving. Homemade apple slaw, offered as a side, provides crunch and freshness.

IMG_1914 IMG_1907
Instead of using soft rolls or hot dog buns, the owners decided to create all of their sandwiches using crusty French rolls from City Bakery. While the sturdy bread does stay intact, it also results in fillings and toppings squirting every which way as you bite, something to consider if you’re planning on going with someone you need to impress.

The Über Sausage also literally shakes things up by offering homemade chips in a paper bag with a choice of salts to scatter on top. Each serving contains a pleasing mix of both soft and crunchy, and flavors like lemon pepper, ranch, Creole, Cajun, Italian spice and parmesan, or pumpkin pie spice and sugar keep things interesting.

IMG_1911 IMG_1904
Out of all six, my favorite sandwiches paired the sausages with a sweet condiment, such as the Spicy Southwestern Buffalo Bratwurst, which smothered a buffalo-meat brat in a cherry chipotle sauce, or the Smoked Kielbasa, which came topped with BBQ sauce and fresh apple coleslaw.  A bacon-wrapped bison hot dog was the star of the T.J. Style Hotdog, and the same hot dog—sans bacon—appeared again in The Über Sausage’s rendition of a Chicago-style. I also liked the Chicken Apple Sausage sandwich, which packed plenty of flavor with its caramelized onions, blue cheese, grilled apple, spinach, and spicy mustard. In short, it’s hard to go wrong with anything on the menu.

Best of all? On Fridays and Saturdays the place is open until 3 am—perfect for that late-night, post-drinking nosh.

The Über Sausage
2730 E. Colfax

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