The Gentlemen Issue is out Tomorrow, featuring the Denver Men We Love!

Finally, 303 Magazine gets to spill it on who the four Denver Men We Love are–but not without giving you one last teaser on what these guys had to say as their real life fantasies and what kind of women they are actually looking for.

Image by Melanie Watson on the set of Denver Men We Love

Relationship status: Single

His real fantasy: To be with a woman for the rest of his life.

What’s his type of woman? Tall, attractive, intelligent and athletic.

He identifies more with Hugh Hefner, Bill Gates or Tim Tebow… Tim Tebow

If he could be with any female celebrity, who would it be? Cameron Diaz.

Why he thinks 303 Magazine loves him… Entrepreneurial, creative, looks after self, enjoys style, young at heart, night owl, sophisticated and enjoys people.

His favorite spot to chill in D-town? Bar hop from the Landmark to Cherry Creek North to Highlands to Larimer Square.

Denver loves him, why does he love Denver? It’s not Australia which equals mountains, high desert plains, enticing and unique.

*Hint on who he is: If you didn’t pick up on it, the guy is not from around here–he is a rock star by night and a professional by day.

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