Over the years, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, has been a boon for community theaters. Why? Based on the story of Joseph and well, his “coat of many colors” from the Bible, its family-friendly and a simple story, inspirational themes and catchy music have made Joseph one of the most consistently recognized and marketable titles in musical theatre with thousands of productions put on by schools and various theatre companies around the world.

Often times, despite being catchy the production seems to fall flat because to put it simply…it’s a tad cheesy; however, the Candlelight Dinner Playhouse’s production is easily one of the better versions floating around. Under the direction and choreography of Brian Burron, who also plays the Elvis-impersonating Pharaoh, Joseph is a undeniably a success.

Russell Mernagh, as Joseph, brings a farm-boy charm to Joseph‘s cut-and-paste pastiche and has everything the role requires — a stunning voice and a body that’s not terrible to look at.  “I haven’t had the most training, so I feel like every job is just more training. I’m constantly learning and I hope that shows through my work,” says Mernagh.

Melissa Swift-Sawyer, as the shows Narrator, does a fantastic job of allowing her fellow cast members their individual moments. She uses her strong voice to open on a high note and ease through the shows transition points.

The very busy, Scott Severtson, as Reuben, delivers a top notch rendition of “Those Canaan Days.” He commands the stage with the ease and grace of a truly seasoned performer and his subtle jokes flow with excellent comedic timing.

The three are joined on stage by a range of characters: Scott Wright as the hysterical Potiphar, Bren. Eyestone Burron as Mrs.Potiphar, Bryan Bell as the country singing Levi and Ted Reddy as a calypso-ing Judah who give noteworthy performances during their individual solos.

Other stand-out performers include Kytt McLaughlin and Taylor Recktenwald, as two of Joseph’s brothers and other various ensemble parts, and Katie Ulrich who shined throughout keeping the energy high from beginning to end.

Catch the Candlelight production of Joseph now through August 22, 2010.

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