I hate the heat. I am a cold weather junkie and love all things winter. So, as the heat wave continues to hit Denver pretty hard (in my own personal opinion), I must admit my motivation to get out there and pound the boiling pavement for a good run has waned. I’ve never enjoyed the heat and, in all honesty, any temperature above 80 degrees has me inside wherever there is air conditioning. My east coast counterparts tell me to stop whining; we all know they have had it worse than us Coloradoans, with our lack of humidity and all.  In the spirit of looking on the bright side, I thought I would post some hot things I do enjoy, even when the mercury rises above 90. Most of all, however, I’m looking for recommendations. Born and bred on the east coast where hot days equal lots of time in the ocean, I’m at a loss with what to do with myself in the heat. Suggest away…

Hot Yoga

I’ve been a fan for about eight years now and, no matter what, a good hot yoga class always has me leaving the studio rejuvenated, relaxed, and in a great mood. I go to Corepower, but I am fairly new to Denver and am sure there are many studios that offer hot yoga I have yet to discover. Anyone know of some great studios?

Cayenne Pepper

I read awhile back that cayenne pepper is super good for you and has metabolism boosting effects, which was enough to persuade me to make those hot little poppers a regular in my grocery basket. I sprinkle it on everything, from salads to chicken to baked potatoes…even in my bloody mary.

Hot Springs

Okay, I cannot lie and say I’ve actually been to a hot spring resort yet, but it is certainly on my short list of things to accomplish before summer’s end. I’ve taken a few bike rides from Dotsero to Glenwood Springs, and each time am fascinated by the hot springs and the massive amount of people there seemingly enjoying themselves. I’ve heard that hot springs have healing properties and are great for your skin. I plan on making my next trip to the mountains for the sole purpose of soaking in the Glenwood Hot Springs.

Now I just need some recommendations for exercising outside in the hot weather because, let’s be honest, it’s just not happening lately. All you health nuts out there, help me out …please. In the meantime I’ll be in a cold movie theater or shopping area somewhere.