The charade is still on. In the August issue of 303 Magazine–The Gentlemen Issue–we’ve hand picked for Denver Men We Love to experience the ultimate fantasy land. So, we’ve asked all the participating guys to tell us about their real life fantasies. But, we can’t tell you who they are just yet. You’ll have to wait for Aug. 5th, when 303 hits the streets and the net.

Image by Melanie Watson, on the set of Men We Love

Relationship status: In a relationship

What’s his type of woman? Tall, brunette, easygoing, fun and one that can keep up with him.

He identifies more with Hugh Hefner, Bill Gates or Tim Tebow… Tim Tebow

If he could be with any female celebrity, who would it be? Anne Hathaway

Why he thinks 303 Magazine loves him… He takes care of his clients and it’s a comfort to see women at a vulnerable time in salon setting.

His favorite spot to chill in D-town? The Highlands.

Denver loves him, why does he love Denver? He has enjoyed watching the city grow and taking advantage of the outdoors.

*Hint on who he is: he has great hair, is all about hair and we heard a rumor that he used to model…..