Hello Jeremy Fish, Farewell Andenken

One of the most recognized artist/illustrators in the country, Jeremy Fish, will be having a solo show at Andenken Gallery (2990 Larimer) Saturday night, “The Road Less Traveled: New Work by Jeremy Fish.” The artist will be in attendance and the show starts at 7pm. I can guarantee a good time, amazing art and plenty of available prints! Jeremy’s work is playfully dark and meticulous. He is a huge influence on many artist working today and can be credited as one the originators in the pop-surrealist/lowbrow movement that is all but everywhere these days. What separates Fish’s work from the heard is his continued evolvement and ability to constantly push his style and process.

Jeremy Fish

Word on the street is Andenken, one of Denver’s top alt-art galleries, is closing up shop and moving from the Block Building to the Santa Fe art district. A new space, a new name and a new gallery. The Block Building will be missed. I had many great memories at Andenken, met tons of people that became close friends, the shows were always inspiring, and the sidewalk four-square games were always intense. I’m so grateful to have been able to show some of my own work there a couple times and will be pouring out my PBR on the sidewalk this coming Saturday.

Farewell Andenken and the Block Building, you will be missed immensely, but looking foward to the new gallery on Santa Fe and way to go out on top!


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