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Style Porn: Masked Mania

Who says that fashion needs to be all about catwalks and designer labels? After all, it’s the one-of-a-kind pieces that you mix into your wardrobe that really speak about your own personal style. And if you’re ...
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Road Trippin’: Burning Man

From the sky, it looks like a ginormous horseshoe. From Center Camp Cafe, it reminds me of the bar in Star Wars. From the trash fence on the outer perimeter, it looks like the place where they shot the Martia...
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Pitchin’ a Tent: Horizons

Partying under the stars is a quintessential summer activity. From large-scale massives such as Burning Man to intimate affairs like Mother Earth Sound System's Full Moon Gatherings, some of my best memories ever are made on outdoor dance floors. Paradigm Pro Audio's Alexander Brooks can relate. Ever since Moontribe took his dance music campout virginity, Brooks has fantasized about making a venue out of Mother Nature. Horizons, an indoor/outdoor event this weekend near Peoria, will do exactly that. Key scene players who've agreed to get their hands dirty too include DJs mLe, Ishe, Jantsen, Alert, Miraja, Schmid-E, Scott Everett and Trip Coffin, among others. Brooks even got to book two of his idols; desert party legends Brad and Treavor of Moontribe are set to headline. Paradigm and its Turbosound rig have spent years helping fellow promoters realize their own party dreams. Triad Dragons, Sub.mission, Euphonic Conceptions and Floorbangrs have all benefitted immensely from Paradigm's aural support. The time has come for reciprocation.