Devotchka: Squeezebox for your Main Squeeze

Nick Urata may not have wings sprouting out of his back or a cloth diaper covering his junk, but that doesn't mean he isn't a modern embodiment of the arrow-slinging cherub. Hopped up on human growth hormone. And with a flamenco-leaning axe and soaring pipes in place of the bow. Urata and his melodic co-conspirators in Devotchka—filling The Fillmore with amour February 12—have been sound-tracking Denver area devotees' V-Days for the better part of a decade.

Floaters: Tennis

“You don't know what living is until you're eating oatmeal at dawn and watching a shark feeding next to your boat.” Plenty of bands make sacrifices for their craft, but few literally risk life and limb. Tennis twosome Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore did just that, sailing the seven seas for seven months—armed only with book smarts and IQ gleaned from DVDs. “Marathon”, a tune Pitchfork blogged about last June, details a near-death experience they had on the open water.

Beat Diet: Troy Pierce & Heartthrob

V-Day is on the "whorizon", and nothing spells romance like cold, soulless techno. I kid, of course. Haters make minimal out to be the most repetitive, snore-inducing genre in existence, but devotees know t...
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Fingerin’ the ivories

not skeleton keys I love playing piano. Yes, I begged my mother to let me quit lessons when my first teacher migrated to Alaska. In my defense, though, it was only because my second one, the church organist...
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You Tubin’: Danielle Ate the Sandwich

  Danielle ate the pineapple upside-down cake Danielle Anderson is a cyberspace star. Without YouTube, Anderson would be drinking coffee. In a coffee shop. Awaiting her turn at the mic. Instead she ...
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Artist to Watch: Tokyo Police Club

O, Canada. It's a huge place filled with beautiful scenery and majestic wildlife and a couple buzzing underground music scenes that make LA residents and CMJ perennials look twice. Montreal in particular has,...
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Hindsight: Underground Music Showcase

If the festival's attendance figures are correct, The Post's Underground Music Showcase is indeed on pace to become Denver's version of South by Southwest--an event it eagerly compares itself to. SXSW, gearing up for its twenty-fifth year, pulls approximately 15,000 heads to Austin, Texas. The UMS, which just closed the books on its first full decade, is already approaching 5,000. No small feat at all. The scene on South Broadway yesterday—especially last night--definitely reminded me a little of SXSW's main artery in Austin--Sixth Street.
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Festival Window: Savoy

Aurally, Boulder-based Savoy could pass for an adept electro DJ deftly blending others' cuts together. The truth? Savoy is erecting all their bangers from scratch—barring a few borrowed samples—and discharging them live via three-piece PA. It's a savvy formula that's caught on like the brush fire that destroyed a portion of my southeast plains hometown. Destruction is definitely an ingredient in Savoy's live recipe, where decimating decibels keep attendees in a perpetually perspiring frenzy.
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Pitchin’ a Tent: Horizons

Partying under the stars is a quintessential summer activity. From large-scale massives such as Burning Man to intimate affairs like Mother Earth Sound System's Full Moon Gatherings, some of my best memories ever are made on outdoor dance floors. Paradigm Pro Audio's Alexander Brooks can relate. Ever since Moontribe took his dance music campout virginity, Brooks has fantasized about making a venue out of Mother Nature. Horizons, an indoor/outdoor event this weekend near Peoria, will do exactly that. Key scene players who've agreed to get their hands dirty too include DJs mLe, Ishe, Jantsen, Alert, Miraja, Schmid-E, Scott Everett and Trip Coffin, among others. Brooks even got to book two of his idols; desert party legends Brad and Treavor of Moontribe are set to headline. Paradigm and its Turbosound rig have spent years helping fellow promoters realize their own party dreams. Triad Dragons, Sub.mission, Euphonic Conceptions and Floorbangrs have all benefitted immensely from Paradigm's aural support. The time has come for reciprocation.
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Road Trippin’: Electric Daisy Carnival

Rolling Stone is a rock among print publications. It's also one of the few that I actually subscribe to. Comprehensive music industry coverage and no-holds-barred political reporting is a recipe that regularly sates my IQ appetite. Imagine my surprise when the newest issue arrived--and I found myself inside it.
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Fam Damily: Sperm Donors

My dad is rad. Sure, he accepted a job transfer that significantly minimized his role in my adolescence, but he left behind vintage Playboys and a comic book called "Where Did I Come From?" Also, he's been so much more than a mere sperm donor since. Allow me to stroke his ego for a few.
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Band Freqs: March Fourth

March Fourth Marching Band is a guaranteed blast. March Fourth—M4 for short--is the Boba Fett and The Americans of Portland. Actually, more accurately, Boba Fett is the M4 of Denver, as they long preceded the bounty hunter-clad drum major and his guerrilla marching band brainchild. Anyone who's witnessed Boba and company in action will understand what exactly I'm talking about. Last July, Boba and company descended on an already lively Double Daughters anniversary soiree I was hosting, instantly transforming it into a full-on raucous ruckus.