Enter The Urban Cyclist, a unique and oh-so-Denver bike shop that cultivates a fixie lifestyle. The name says it all. Hidden like a gem in a RiNo warehouse, an Old School Pac Man arcade welcomes you into a decked out, relaxed yet bustling bike heaven. The walls are covered in every color rim, accessory, frame, handlebar, chain, pedal, and seat you can imagine. The Urban Cyclist isn’t a bike shop, it’s a lifestyle. Not one shrouded in hipster clichés, nor based in an arrogant superiority complex, but a welcoming, healthy, and open way of life that will inspire you to do one thing. Ride your bike.

The Urban Cyclist, Denver.

The Urban Cyclist, Denver.

The Urban Cyclist is a destination spot. Located right across the street from the Source on Brighton Blvd and 35th Street in River North, tucked behind The Filling Station, you’ll find their warehouse. Founder and owner of The UC Darrin Duran is inspired. With a past in motocross and super-cross, biking is in his veins. He took a huge risk just over a year ago in opening his dream bike shop, one that has seriously payed off. Darrin and his team are committed to turning urban dwellers on to a bike they never knew they’d love. Brands the UC carries: State, Zyclefix, Biria, Retrospec, Fyxation, Throne, Brooklyn, and more. Their number one seller: ZycleFix. The Urban Cyclist is the largest dealer of this particular fixed bike in the country. And for good reason. Denver is a wonderful place for the wide wheel, safer than average for fixed road bikes, as well as the adjustable handle features.

State Bicycle Co. Bike from The Urban Cyclist, Denver.

Zyclefix Bike from The Urban Cyclist, Denver.

The city’s so bumpy, the cracks will take you. The big fat tires just smash all over that, you can go off curbs. They’re just made for the city. Plus, the actual kicker is all the amazing color combinations. Possibilities are endless. The best part? This amazing bike at the Urban Cyclist only costs $350. This deal is unheard of.

“ZycleFix bikes are part of the reason we’re so successful. We opened up a shop one block down the street. A 500 square foot shop. I got together 1800 bucks. I signed a lease, I didn’t know how I was going to pay for it. I put a little desk, a little lap top, and I bought 12 bikes and leaned them against the wall. That was my shop. June 2013. Now, we’re here. In a year, we are the number one dealer in the United States for this brand.”

Zyclefix Bike from The Urban Cyclist, Denver.

Zyclefix Bike from The Urban Cyclist, Denver.

The UC carries a ton of brands, my personal favorite being the wildly colorful Zyclefix. The best part is that you are able to create your ideal bike with your one-of-a-kind signature. The Urban Cyclist is dynamic in energy, in their constantly evolving showroom, as well as the seamless process. Darrin builds your bike in front of you and for the last few steps, you are even are a part of it’s creation. It’s really fun to watch and to help the UC team build your bike in this atmosphere. Get passionate about creating the perfect urban bike for your lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be a fixie. But, if you are really about that life, here is Darrin’s bike to add to the street cred.

Darrin Duran's legit fixed bicyle.

Darrin Duran’s legit fixed bicyle.

“Here’s what’s cool about it. Someone gets something like this, I just wanna ride to work, I wanna ditch my car, I wanna ride it to the restaurant or the bars. Two things will happen. Either they just use it for that, or they turn into complete fucking bike nerds. They realize how rad it is, how fun it is, they’re always excersizing and flying around town. Then there’s a whole subculture that once you get into it, like the Loop. 20-30 mile rides, like far. From park to park to park for fun. That’s subculture.”

Darrin and the UC Team.

Darrin and the UC Team.

The overall experience is astounding. This is the best place to buy a bike in Denver. The store is accessible, yet perfectionist in it’s mission. Thank you so much for welcoming me into this world, Urban Cyclist.

“One person gets one, then two or three other homies get one. Then it’s on. We give away lights, front and rear, which is law in Denver, as well as a U lock so your bikes safe, and a free tune up. For 350 dollars. A single speed rei, everyone when they find our shop, they’re like, ‘This is where everyone is getting these.’”

The Urban Cyclist, Denver.

State Bicycle Co. The Urban Cyclist, Denver.

Road cyclists drink water, urban cyclists drink beer. Urban Cyclist and Epic Brewery are teaming up for a taproom. Very soon, once Darrin finishes with the legal contracts and gets approval from the city, they are going to be adding an Epic brewery in the front of their Urban Cyclist warehouse space. You come in, get your bike tuned up, get a beer while you wait. Now, bike lovers will never leave. They practically don’t already.

I love the Urban Cyclist because is a first in Denver, paving the way for even larger bikeshops and corporations to follow suit. Yet, no one does it as well as the Urban Cyclist. As you fly down the road on your bike, wind in your hair, heart rate as high as the altitude and skyscrapers in the city, you will understand. Caution. This is a gateway bike that will undoubtedly change your life.

The Urban Cyclist, Denver. Mural by Jolt aka Guerrila Garden.

The Urban Cyclist, Denver. Mural by Jolt aka Guerrila Garden.

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  1. Michael Scott Holland

    This bike shop is AMAZING! I just bought a new frame (Throne) and Darrin and crew built it up for me. I grin from ear to ear riding it downtown from Green Valley Ranch on my daily commute. If you haven't been to this shop, GO! You won't be disappointed!!!


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