Alexandra Weissner

What: The Denver Passport

Where: Sixty New and established restaurants

Pro: If you were lucky enough to nab one before they sold out, the  two-for-one drinks at Denver’s best venues is a great steal.  

Con:  The passport sells out quickly. This year it sold out in only a couple days (not including pre-sale). Also the two-for-one drink special at each restaurant is pre-determined. You aren’t allowed to pick and choose what you want off the menu.

The start of summer  means a few things for Denver locals; longer days and warmer nights, both of which create the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a drink with friends.  More importantly, the summer season marks the return of the The Denver Passport. If you aren’t familiar with the Passport, it’s  a summer-long program that offers two-for-one drink specials at sixty Denver restaurants.

Upon researching this program I couldn’t help but think it was too good to be true. I ended up purchasing a Passport despite my skepticism and took it out for a spin the day it arrived. One thing I will say, is that having sixty restaurants to choose from can be overwhelming. After flipping back and forth through the Passport and reading the various drink specials, I settled for Denver passportPinche Tacos in the Highlands. It’s a place I frequent often and so I thought I would play it safe with two-for-one margaritas. This was a mistake on my part. I encourage everyone who has purchased a Passport to go to a restaurant they have never been to before, or go to a restaurant with a drink special that is unfamiliar to them. Half the fun of the Passport in my opinion is trying something new. Staying with your old faithful (in my case a margarita on the rocks, no salt) will only result in the same boring buzz. As I’ve mentioned, the summer weather gives Denverites the perfect opportunity to get out and be adventurous. During the winter, our adventurous spirit takes us skiing or snowboarding. So I ask, why should the summer season result in the same typical evening out? The Denver Passport safely tucked away in your back pocket is your ticket to an amazing summer.

Since my night at Pinche Tacos I have been to several other Passport restaurants, including Lou’s, where I tried my first Moscow Mule. Surprisingly enough I actually did enjoy the Moscow Mule. That’s the beauty of the Denver Passport, it pushes you away from your tried and true favorite drink. In the process, you may just find a new favorite cocktail. Even if you don’t, you’ve still tried something new, and that’s a win-win.

What I’m finding most fun about the Passport, besides flashing it to the server and feeling slightly important, is taking a friend out for a drink on me. The Denver Passport is meant to be shared with friends and loved ones, which makes the experience of dining out all the more special.

Having sixty restaurants to choose from may prove to be overwhelming this summer; however, the pros far outweigh the cons. The real challenge this summer is to dine at each of the venues The Passport includes. The Passport is the perfect little black book to slip in your back pocket this summer. No evening out will truly be complete without it. Now every time I go out I try something new and bring my friends along to reap the benefits. Summer nights should be anything but boring, and that is why The Denver Passport is the perfect guidebook to summer.

Don’t forget to grab your Passport and some friends and make the most out of summer 2014. My personal recommendations for some of the best Passport drink specials are The Infinite Monkey, Atticus, Ste. Ellie, and Zengo. Now get out and drink!

Photos Courtesy of The Passport Program


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