Photo courtesy of Caitlin Savage

Photo courtesy of Caitlin Savage

A show with its own stage butler sounds enticing enough, but add the talents of the one and only Cora Vette, the holiday-themed production and the “tassels and assels” of her VaVaVettes, and you’ve got a recipe for one very entertaining evening.

“I can make it bigger, trust me. I just have to pull on it,” Vette assures the audience (referring to adjusting the mic), during the 5th Annual Naughty Noel!, a risqué burlesque show taking place at the VooDoo Comedy Playhouse this holiday season. Belting out her renditions of some holiday classics, including “Santa Claus Got Stuck Up My Chimney”, Vette wins over the crowd with her stage presence and quick wit, telling jokes and interacting with the crowd in-between performances, while her VaVaVettes perform their way out of their clothes. With no shortage in variety, the audience witnesses everything from ballet and tap dancing to elf impersonations and even Menorah lighting (let’s just say Hanukkah gelt will never taste the same).

The show’s creative streak diminishes during the second act as the VaVaVettes perform their second

Photo courtesy of Caitlin Savage

Photo courtesy of Caitlin Savage

numbers of the night, but between the butler collecting “lady bits” from the stage after each number (while getting coaxed to shed some bits of his own), Vette belting out more holiday hits, and the jokes (and alcoholic beverages) flowing, the feathery finale ends the night with the crowd cheering for more. And Vette offers just that, with a final Naughty Noel! show coming up on December 19th, and Christmas and New Year shows rounding out the holiday season.

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