Fruition restaurant in Denver, Colorado. Photo by Kevin J. Miyazaki/PLATEWhat: Fruition Restaurant

Where: 1313 E. 6th Avenue Denver, CO 80218

Pros:  The food is delicious, the ambiance is warm and the service is impeccable! I especially loved the  Maple Leaf Farms duck breast and duck confit pierogi with caramelized brussel sprouts topped with kumquat marmalade and roasted apple pan jus. Plus it is close to City Hall, so you can grab dinner there before the DFW fashion shows!

Cons: Menu is limited, but don’t let it deter you. Everything is made with care and expertise.

Fruition-oysters-rockefellerFruition is nestled in a quaint area off along the side of 6th Avenue between Marion St. and Lafayette Street. Located minutes from downtown between Cherry Creek North, Capitol Hill, and Cheeseman Park neighborhoods, Fruition has a great location. But at first glance you might not think much of the place. It is small and an adorable but by no means grandiose. However when I walked up to the front door I instantly felt the warmth that is so evident when you enter the restaurant. I felt like I was walking into the home of one of my dearest friends. This restaurant’s vibe is so much more impressive than its street appeal. The welcome I received also spoke volumes. Every person in Fruition looked happy as I must have when I walked by all the colorful decorated plates of food.

My guest, a great friend of mine reporter Meagan Fitzgerald from 9news, and I were seated at a small table for two. As soon as we sat down champagne graced the table. To embrace the true Fruition food experience we asked the waitress to have the chef send out his favorite dishes. About ten minuets later the waitress appeared with the first course of  Potato-Wrapped Oysters Rockefeller. I have never  been interested in Oysters, the texture is beyond me. But in the name of my work, I dove in and was pleasantly surprised. The oyster did have that slimy texture I was afraid of but the seasoned potato wrap  made it quite tasty.

Fruition-pasta-carbonara (1)Interested to see what would come out next,  I let the chef choose again. Once the dish found its way to the table I thought it was almost too beautiful to eat. It was a Maple Leaf Farms duck breast and duck confit pierogi with caramelized brussel sprouts topped with kumquat marmalade and roasted apple pan jus. Fruition definitely has presentation down to perfection. Fortunately the dish tasted just as great as it looks and it was one of my favorite entrees I’ve had in Denver.

Once the entrees were completed the waitress cleared and cleaned the table, then politely disappeared. She gave us the time we needed to relax and finish our wine before bringing us the Finishing Touch desert menu. Even though I had that full feeling I had to indulge. Not being able to choose something specific because it all looked so delicious,  the chef created a plate of multiple treats. My personal favorite was the Vahlrona Chocolate Brownie which is served with Marcona Almond Popcorn Brittle & Salted Caramel Ice Cream. Salty and sweet, it was the perfect way to end the meal.

I have never left a restaurant with such a satisfied feeling. At Fruition, the three most important pieces to a meal are met with ease: the food, the atmosphere and the service. I encourage you to try this restaurant during DFW but if you can’t make it this weekend, go as soon as you can. A great place for girls night out, a business dinner or date night. I request that you let your taste buds explore the smaller menu. Even if you have reservations about certain ingredients, trust in the Chef to work his magic. Because if you want the true Fruition experience let them chose your meal. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


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