NocturnOwl: Dubsteppin’ into the Mainstream

In last week's Music Monday blog, I mentioned Rolling Stone's “Dance Takeover” mini-feature. Black-Eyed Peas producer David Guetta kicks off the section and LCD Soundsystem scores the majority of ink, but half of one page is dedicated to “Fresh Beats”, a chart-like breakdown of popular emerging electronica genres or “Clubland's Latest Sounds”. Dubstep sits at number two on the list. Duh.
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Forever Hold Your Peace

Life is better than ever. And I am very happily dating a woman who has three beautiful kids. But the problem with our small lesbian community is that everybody thinks they know you well, simply because you've...


Summer is the time for restaurants to shine and sizzle. Last week, Elway's Cherry Creek hosted the annual HOT ROCKS GRILLER benefiting The Denver Health Foundation where 12 chefs made 24 creations. The...
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Road Trippin': Electric Daisy Carnival

Rolling Stone is a rock among print publications. It's also one of the few that I actually subscribe to. Comprehensive music industry coverage and no-holds-barred political reporting is a recipe that regularly sates my IQ appetite. Imagine my surprise when the newest issue arrived--and I found myself inside it.

Fam Damily: Sperm Donors

My dad is rad. Sure, he accepted a job transfer that significantly minimized his role in my adolescence, but he left behind vintage Playboys and a comic book called "Where Did I Come From?" Also, he's been so much more than a mere sperm donor since. Allow me to stroke his ego for a few.
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Fabulous, Rainbow Love

You may ask; why do the gays hold a huge parade once a year? Why do they flaunt all of that fabulous, rainbow love in front of everyone? Can't they keep their sexuality at a "don't ask, don't tell" level of...

Fashion Fridays – Tee Zone

I am kind of crazy when it comes to tee shirts. I feel like I'm constantly on the hunt for the perfect wash, fit and style. I like to have options, so I focus on two main categories: 1) The tee that you can...

Brain Pickin': John Fellows

I have always admired the work of John Fellows, his folk-esque, lino-cut illustrations with a street-art flair are masterful, meticulous and undeniably recognizable. Actually, the first piece of art that I...

Aural Pleasure: Janelle Monáe

Metropolis is in trouble. A secret society known as The Great Divide is using time travel to suppress freedom and love among its citizens. Thankfully, heroic ArchAndroid Cindi Mayweather is here to save the day. If this all sounds like the plot of a science fiction flick, that's because it's inspired by the godfather of science fiction flicks, Fritz Lang's Metropolis.